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Marni Sheehan

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Marni Sheehan

Marni Sheehan
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Accordion, Guitar, Mandolin

I started going to Traynors after meeting Teana Amor in the late sixties, my first introduction to the scene was the Fourth Wall down in Prahran. That's me and Teana in the photo above, when we were in the Gut Bucket Jug Band. Sang in a duo at this time with my friend Sue Lesser doing all the folkie favourites plus some old timey/Carter Family songs and Everley Brothers songs (we were big on the harmonies). Later did solo gigs at Traynors and also gigs with John Graham and with the Gutbucket Jug Band and sometimes with John and Juanita Boothroyd. I did love the atmosphere at Traynors, those wine barrels and candles and the back room where performers could get el cocktail supremo (red wine and coca cola in a big coffee mug). what grand days with a cavalcade of such great performers. In my time it was Danny Gordon Shayna, the two Colins, (Dryden and Campbell), Bruce Stuchbery, Margret Roadknight, John and Juanita, Peter Parkhill, John Graham, Gordon McIntyre, Mike O'Rourke, Julie Wong to name just a few. I was a fledgling and held them all in awe, glad to just soak up the vibes and oh the fun of it all!!

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Avatar Posted by Carole at Jun 04, 2013 09:09 AM
Hello Marni,
It's been a long time... great to see the photos of you and some of the others I recognise from way back when ha!
Do you remember, we sang together at Traynors around 67-68, From memory, I played the harmonica to 'Candy Man' with you on guitar. They were great times!
Carole Caisley.

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Avatar Posted by marni sheehan at Jun 05, 2013 06:34 AM
Hi Carole, yes long time no see. Hope all is well with you. Are you a FaceBooker? we could catch up a bit easier than on this site. cheers marni


Avatar Posted by Carole at Jun 06, 2013 03:12 AM
Not on Facebook as yet Marnie, can you email me
Would love to catch up!