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Pam Morrisson

by Pam Morrisson last modified Aug 23, 2010 04:19 AM

Pam Morrisson

Who would ever forget the joy and excitement of being young in the 1960's. When the magical era of Folk Music had well and truly arrived in Melbourne. Saturday nights would find eager folk fans flocking to different venues such as Frank Traynor's, the Outpost Inn and others.

The wonderful talented entertainers who kept the audiences happy were, amongst others, Chris and John Cooney, Brian Mooney, Trevor Lucas, Martyn Wndham-Read, Glen Tomasetti, David Lumsden, Lynne St. John, Margret Roadknight, Danny Spooner, Gordon McIntyre, and Kenny White.

Sadly, the first wave of such folk entertainment did not keep pace with its' heady days of the 60's, and, by the middle of the new decade, had dwindled. But it will always be remembered fondly.

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